Heineken Ignite background

Heineken Ignite: Heineken’s first interactive beer bottle.

  • Heineken embraces the start-up culture of experimentation because it knows that invention never sleeps.
  • The brand understands that the best ‘user experiences’ tap into existing consumer behaviors and push technology into the background.
  • The intent of the Heineken Ignite project was to develop an idea that would create a memorable Heineken experience unlocking the power and possibilities of mobile innovation and technology.
  • Heineken believes that mobile innovation could offer a much more rewarding experience than just an app and embraced the challenge to think about how the product could be leveraged as an interface to the brand experience.
  • A prototype of Heineken Ignite was revealed 9 April at Milan Design Week as part of Heineken’s Lounge of the Future concept.
  • Heineken takes its promise to “open your world” even further with the Heineken Ignite project, enhancing the organic way in which the product is used based on social interaction between beer drinkers. This innovative approach lets people be a part of the party in a whole new way and opens up possibilities in social situations.

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Heineken Ignite in action

Production backstory

The Heineken Ignite interactive bottle is born from Heineken’s ambition to develop an idea that would create a memorable Heineken experience unlocking the power and possibilities of mobile innovation and technology. To match our ambitions we followed an innovative project methodology developed by Tribal DDB called ‘SPARK’.  It’s an innovation process which blends inspiration, ideation and creation to produce an actual working prototype which can be tested in the  real world. The project is run like a start-up, which means collaborative ideation, rapid prototyping, multiple rounds of user testing and feedback, all under tight timings. The first 3 day workshop was held end of February in Amsterdam where the Global Heineken Digital team and Tribal DDB Amsterdam built a multidisciplinary creative team partnering with Massive Music, Contagious, the Global Heineken Design team and independent experts from a wide range of industries. Over the 3 days the team goes from a TED like inspiration workshop on day 1, to ideation and refinement of ideas during day 2 and 3.  A total of 3 fully fledged briefings were chosen, one of which gets the go-ahead for prototype development. The selected brief was based on the idea that when people ‘cheers’ with their bottles, ‘something magical’ should happen: a Heineken moment.

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Heineken Ignite 2.0

• The launch in Milan provided Heineken with learnings on how the prototype would perform in a real life environment. The concept is being optimized and based on the success of the prototype launch, Heineken are now rolling it out in nightclubs in 7 of their top 25 markets before the end of the year.

• The 2.0 version of Ignite has also already been identified and worked on for 2014.

Photos of Heineken Ignite in action

Download here

Download here

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